Updated Spiritual Home Cleansing Procedures

When it's time to for a house cleansing.

When it’s time to for a house cleansing.

I wanted to send out a quick note that I’ve uploaded new content on this page related to spiritual home cleansing. Eventually that whole section of the website will be redone, but for now, it’s fine.

lightsBasically, that page is an excerpt from a chapter in an early draft of the forthcoming book: Spiritual House Cleansing: A Guide to Kingdom Warfare on the Home Front. 

That book takes much of the content on this site and expands on it, so some of the information in the new page won’t make a ton of sense because it’s pulled out of a larger argument being made in the book.  But the prayers and procedures are good, and I wanted to make it available because lately there’s this urgent hunger for this content.

In fact, the day after Halloween is a great time to conduct a spiritual home cleansing. Who wants to join me in doing so?



  1. I have demonstrated spirits bothering me in the bed. They came in three room last night in the former of my dau. Getting in the bed and bothering the cover and talking. Sometimes touching my arms not serially but touching me and speaking. I couldn’t move when my dau spirit came in. We both are spirit filled and living a clean life from son. I am called in three prophetic. God is very accurate I speaking to me. I need help what is going on. I know I have a deaf and dumb spirit from years of being married in an abusive drug and Crack husband of 16 years. I have kept the faith and baptized in the Holy Ghost. What is happening. I plead the blood when they torment me.. I sometimes wonder if this is something from my husband. Help Barbara

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