The Spiritual Backdrop of My Kidney Donation Story

 I have mentioned in recent posts that I donated an organ recently to a friend. Many of my regular readers have been praying for us and asking for a more detailed update.

I have posted a rather long and detailed account on this site here.

Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes

There is a spiritual warfare element that underlies what happened during and then after the surgery, which I didn’t include in my narrative. It’s very clear if you have eyes to see. My friend, Rev. Kathleen Christopher, first pointed it out to me while I was in the hospital the second time.

If you read it, can you tell where the spiritual warfare occurred? Consider it through the lens of the Kingdom Conflict.What was happening behind the scenes during the surgery and then after? What happened? Why do you suppose that happened?

As you don the Kingdom of God Mindset, an idea I develop in Peace in Your House, you can begin to discern why certain events happened when they did.

The Spirit Realm is Real

The spirit realm is real and it interacts with the physical world in very complex and real ways. We combat those effects with spiritual and physical tools.

Spiritual tools include salvation, prayer and faith (Eph 6:16-18).

Physical tools include medicine and doctors, eating healthy foods, physical exertion, mental exercise, communicating effectively with your spouse and others, sleeping well, having fun, resting appropriately, and so on.

I’m being vague because I want you to try and think differently about what was going on spiritually during and after my kidney donation, and just how important prayer and the other spiritual disciplines are.

It’s so easy to relax our spiritual disciplines when things are going well, and especially right after a stressful time… the time to rest in the Lord doesn’t mean to be lax in spiritual disciplines!

For spiritual disciplines, see this post.

Thank You!

Thanks again for everyone who reached out in support and prayers during this time. Truly, the outpouring of love and support was humbling.

Perhaps most humbling of all is an effort some friends put together to raise funds to help us replace our roof. It’s difficult to submit to this generosity… but that’s something the Lord is teaching me. Anyone who wants to learn more can go here.

I get rather emotional when I consider it.


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