Seeing the Spirit of Death

What’s it like to see the spirit of death?  I’ve spoken with many seers who have seen something that they link to death, and it’s usually described as anything from a black cloud on someone to a classic “grim reaper” or “Lord of the Rings style ring wraith.” What happens when someone looks out at a congregation, and sees the spirit of death on someone?

Spirit of Death

I don’t have a good theological grid for “the spirit of death.”  From eyewitnesses, in some cases, I’m certain a powerful spiritual assignment draws a dark spirit which brings some form of death onto someone. One seer texted me that he saw a Lord of the Rings-style Ring Wraith who was on the way to someone, and glanced over at the seer and said, “Be glad I’m not coming for you.” This seer associated this entity with suicide, and he was on the way to someone to inspire a… suicide. Pretty horrible.

Others have seen a black cloud on someone that triggered a death episode. Sometimes seers see a cloud on someone and they know it’s depression, a spirit closely associated with each and suicide.

The Lord of the Dead

The Lord of the Dead is Satan.  In the ancient world, death was considered a gateway to the underworld, where the shades of humans walked, and were subject to the lord of the dead.  In Christian thinking, everyone belongs to Satan because everyone dies.  Satan’s role on the earth, according to Jesus, is to “steal, kill, and destroy.”

The Lord of the Living

Simply put, the Lord of the Living is Jesus Christ. He contrasts to Satan by declaring he came some people can have eternal life.  When someone comes to Jesus, they no longer belong to Satan and death. When they die, they are in Christ and belong to Christ. Satan is no longer lord over them, but Satan’s spiritual forces have great power and influence over the living.

Seeing Death

One of the Christian ministers who has greatly influenced me is Robby Dawkins. His book, “Do What Jesus Did: A Real-Life Guide to Healing the Sick, Routing Demons and Changing Lives Forever”, offers practical instruction in walking out a naturally supernaturally life.

Last winter, Robby raised a man from the dead, through the power of Jesus Christ. He said during the service in England, he saw a dark cloud on a man, who had started convulsing, collapsed and died during the service. You can read the account in Charisma Magazine’s article. The man’s mother, doctor, and the man himself, plus dozens of witnesses attest to account. This man has a close relative who wasn’t present and who is an atheist who argues this event did not happen. No doubt she can’t reconcile what happened with her worldview. See these articles about the power of worldview.

Interestingly, before being raised from the dead, a stroke had rendered this man unable to speak for months.  After being raised from the dead, the damage done from the stroke was healed: he could speak normally.

Read the detailed interview with Robby here.

Seeing and Action

During the service, the man started to visibly die, and people nearby reacted. This drew Robby’s attention, who saw the demonic on him. I don’t know if Robby would classify himself as a seer, but he has tuned his spiritual senses such that he could recognize that the spiritual was influencing the physical.

By discerning the spirit at work and listening to the Holy Spirit, Robby took action.

A question I receive from a lot of seers is this: What am I supposed to do with what I see?

The answer is not simple. It depends. It depends on what God is saying in the moment. It depends on the circumstances, and it depends on what you have learned from past actions.  Notice that Robby had prayed for the dead to be risen before, to no effect. But his experience did not limit his range of actions: the Bible says Jesus’ followers can raise the dead, no matter what our personal experience demonstrates.

Robby took a risk.  He took a huge risk.  And God moved. Or perhaps better, God was moving, and Robby chose to agree with this move.  There was prophetic significance too about what God about to do in England.

So, if you are a seer and want to know what to do?

The answer is: take a risk. Get Robby’s book. Sign up for updates to this site and check back as we explore answers to this question.



  1. Hello,

    Usually “death” is a black cloud or aura around somebody. But it can also mean such a man or woman is a killer (for money) or someone who has to deal a lot with death because of his work. Like a butcher.

    But I myself do nothing with this information. I am sorry about it.

    • Hi Marten. Very interesting! That’s what I want to explore in the coming months… just what do we do with this spiritual information people receive? In some cases, nothing publicly, but perhaps pray privately. In other cases, there is action to take immediately, as with Robby. Don’t feel badly. We’ll explore this together!

      • Hello Doug,

        Try to be short…

        For now, when I walk and see a group of similar people with all of them a spirit of death, I ‘ll change my course and take another route.

        In the past we prayed a lot with people for deliverance. But these were Christians. When you then see a spirit of death than you can use that information for the one your are counseling.

        But we only prayed for deliverance with spirit-filled Christians. For then they could better keep the openings/gates closed through which the spirits had come to abuse the persons.

        This is a very short answer.

        But the main question is also very important to me, because within a few months my wife and I are going to start counseling people. Probably mainly no-Christians. And I have no experience in how to deal with people with a spirit of death and being a not Holy Spirit Filled Christian.

        So for me a short answer to your question:

        – If a Christian has a spirit of death, he can seek deliverance by other Christians;

        – If a non-Christian has a spirit of death:
        – when he does not know, you can tell him
        – when he does know, possibly we wants to get rid of it.

        What to do? My answer for the moment is to listen to the Holy Spirit. But by default I should not take any action.

        • Hi Marten,

          Free In Christ by Pablo Bottari, is an excellent resource for understanding agreements that have been made unknowingly/knowingly with the Demonic and the breaking of them. It should be helpful to your deliverance with non-Christians and Christians alike. And being a seer will be quite beneficial.

          Blessings in Jesus!

          • I wanted to give you some back ground to my recommendation: Pablo Bottari was a delivery minister for Carlos Annacondia in South America. Thousands of people would show up for the service. When the Holy Spirit moved upon the people, hundreds in the audience would manifest with demonic spirits. Pastor Carlos would them invite the people with the spirits to walk themselves over to the deliverance tent. Pablo ministered to these people in the tent each night. His book shares what he learned.


          • OK, Mr / Mrs. C. …

            You Made your Point – Loud and Clear! I ‘ll go and buy / download this book.

            Many greetings,


  2. When I see the spirit of death, I also see a dark cloud hovering over people. I also see what I call “funeral makeup” it’s hard to explain, but because I’ve seen death so much growing up, I’m very accustomed to it. It’s like the makeup on the face of one laying in the casket, I can see it on people as well. Then they end up dying as well, but I didn’t have the language for that at the time.

    Thanks for the article!

  3. I can see and feel when someone has the spirit of death taking over their lives. I call it walking light on this earth. I can see their bodies losing the battle with gravity and are near leaving this earth. In a crowd, they stand out as if they are alone. I can see it. I can feel it. My reaction is to comfortt them and investigate any opportunity to help.

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