My Kidney Donation and Spiritual Warfare

Last year, I hinted at the spiritual warfare that went on during and after my kidney donation.  In this podcast episode, I explain it more clearly. Check it out.

A lot of what I do here at Seers See relates to thinking from the Kingdom of God Mindset about the world and everything in it. I want to think like Jesus did and cooperate with what the Holy Spirit is doing to bring God’s rule and reign to earth, as it already is in heaven.

In this podcast episode, I tell the story of my donation, and then apply the Kingdom of God Mindset to it. The point is to learn to interpret the world with the correct worldview, the best set of eyes, and so you can consider the tumult that happened after my surgery a practice case to applying the Kingdom of God Mindset to a real life situation.

This worldview is extremely helpful for seers and those who love them to navigate just what it is they’re seeing. I go into detail in my book, Peace in Your House: Spiritual Cleansing of Life and Land, and will explain it more simply in the forthcoming Seer Tribe. Stay tuned on that!

Oh, and it’s been a year since our surgery, and physically, Malia (my recipient) and I are doing fantastic.


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