It Came Upon a Midnight Seer

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Original Christmas Story is a Story of Seers

The original Christmas story is a wonderful account of seers changing history.  All of the “good guys” in the Bible’s accounts of Jesus’ birth saw or dreamed about angels and were accepting of the concept of seeing things in the spirit realm.

Perhaps Mary and Joseph and the Shepherds and the Wise Men didn’t “see” on a regular basis, but for a limited time, at least, they saw the improbable, and received shocking, paradigm-shifting messages from the spirit world.

Therefore, I’m not ashamed to say Christmas is the most incredible story of seers ever, and this is my annual Christmas post. Before I get to the original Christmas story, however, I want to turn to the challenge of parenting a seer child during Christmas in Western countries.

Seers and Santa

In years past, I’ve released several articles related to Christmas.

Several articles have dealt with raising our seer daughter with the Santa Claus myth. My wife and I aren’t sure we did the right thing. Why? Because when you have a daughter who sees supernatural beings all the time, and then you pretend about Santa… well…

Anyway, here are the posts in chronological order:

1. Seer Children and Santa
2. Seer Children and Santa part 2. After the first post, I was attacked viciously on social media, and so part 2 involves some response to that. This post reports on when we revealed the “truth” about Santa to our seer daughter. (ughhh).
3. Seers and Santa – a year later, a quick summary of our seer daughter’s thoughts on what happened.
4. Seer Children, Father Christmas, Santa, and the Three Kings – more summaries and further explanations of the role myths have in society. (I was attacked a lot by people on social media over this issue… but a lot of people who attacked us believe that seers are all demonized or delusional, so I don’t know why I felt the need to explain things better to them).

The Movie Elf

One of my favorite posts about one of my favorite movies, again trying to explain how to think about myths and fairy tales in society:

Elf as Fairy Story and Myth reveals a lot about the Gospel.

The Seers of Christmas

Regarding the Seers in the Christmas story (expanded in the devotional I produced this year), check out the posts on this page. The posts explain why Jesus wasn’t born in a barn, the most likely origin of the magi (and why just 3 of them didn’t show up the night of Jesus’ birth), and more.

The Christmas Star

Most people know that Jesus wasn’t really born on December 25.

But do you know which day the Bible and the Christmas Star point to as Jesus’ actual birthday?

I explain it here. (The astronomical pictures on that page are clearer than in the devotional).

If you enjoy all of this content, I combined and expanded on this in the Christmas Devotional, available here.


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Have a Merry Christmas!


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