Seers and Santa

Parents of Seers and Santa

Last year, I posted two articles about some thoughts regarding the challenges of parenting a child who sees spirits and the myth of Santa.

The first post just questioned the wisdom about playing along with the myths of my culture regarding Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, tooth fairies, etc, especially when your child readily discerns the fantastic already.

The second post explained the aftermath of breaking the news to our seer daughter about the truth of Santa Claus.

Maybe we haven’t learned our lesson, because this year we’re doing this silly “elf” game, where a little elf doll gets into trouble and gets to experience our grace in forgiving him… for the benefit of our 4 year old and 2 year old (non-seeing) children. Meanwhile, our 10 year old seer daughter “thanked” us for “ruining” the fun of Christmas again in spoiling the truth about  Santa.

When I mentioned all her friends would have taken the fun out of it for making fun of her, she said with a smile, “I had faith Dad. I could handle it.”

She’s kidding about that.  I think.


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