Interview about Seers on VFTB

Last weekend, I was interviewed on Derek Gilbert’s “View from the Bunker” (VFTB) regarding seers and the history behind this website.

The interview was released this week, and I think people interested in this topic will enjoy it. It can be accessed here and or in iTunes.

I’ve been a fan of Derek’s for a long time, having learned much from his show and from PID Radio, where he and his wife Sharon discuss news from a Christian perspective. Both shows are very thought provoking and at times challenging.

I recommend subscribing to both it and PID Radio.

It was an honor and humbling being on Derek’s show. He’s a respected and influential leader in Christian media on a global scale, actually.

And it was fun. I wasn’t always the most eloquent and we went on a few rabbit trails, but that’s part of the fun.  At times I forgot it was an interview, and not just a couple of guys chatting about things of God as if we were around a campfire or at a coffee shop.




  1. I just listened to your interview with Derek Gilbert. I was very interested for many reasons. I have a bit of that Seer ability and have since I was a child. Being raised in the Mormon church (ex-Mormon now) then involved with New Age I have become very cautious with what I perceive.
    I do have concerns with some of what I have experienced in my Born-Again life. I came to know the Lord in a Pentecostal Church environment in 1991. I have seen a lot of emotionalism and flesh be labeled as Christian–and some dangerous dabbling into spiritism in the name of deliverance. Your love of Jesus and a heart for evangelism drew my interest. At present I don’t seem to fit into the differing denominational camps. Your name has popped up on some different forums I read; PID cafe and Extraordinary Intelligence to be exact. I will peruse your site. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Thanks for writing in and your thoughts, and you’re welcome! I tend to agree with your observations, as I also grew up in a Pentecostal environment and was immersed in emotionalism as well.

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