Guest Interview on The Supernatural Christian

UPDATE – For some reason, Patricia has taken this podcast and her website down. 

I was recently a guest interview on Patricia Langer’s “The Supernatural Christian.” She has several articles that may be of interest to readers as well.

The discussion covered a lot of ground, including

  • Background of starting this site
  • Freedom (deliverance) from evil spirits
  • The difference between demonic oppression and possession
  • Living a supernatural lifestyle
  • My personal testimony

Hope you enjoy it.




  1. I stumbled across this podcast and I loved it. One thing I noticed was that you kept asking yourself why you lack faith and desire evidence.

    Your desire for evidence isn’t a lack of faith. Nor is it your flesh. It’s Biblical. And evidence is necessary, right alongside substance. Read Hebrews 11:1.

    I started a series of short little blogs at the beginning of this year. In one of them I talk about this specific verse.!Faith-like-a-mustard-seed/c15dy/1E37BA13-4891-4C32-9675-CFAA439076FD

    Then I listened to a podcast by Daniel Duval where he had an even better analogy of the substance. I was so impressed I had to write about that too.–how-to-live-out-of-the-resources-of-god!Substance-of-Faith/c15dy/8A83F6F5-D9D1-43FF-86C3-D79C3D7F5988

    In short, don’t berate yourself for your desire for evidence proving what you cannot see with your physical eyes. That desire is not a weakness. God put it in you. It’s Biblical.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Rebekah, and these links. You are correct. The tests, by the way, did reveal significant improvements, which were quite outside the expected medical paradigms. 🙂 In some frequency ranges, she went from severe/moderate loss to mild.

  2. Natalina, I first found Patricia from the interview you did with her a couple years ago. After I heard her on your show I continued to follow her site the super natural Christian because I found her to be very interesting. She also wrote very interesting blogs. I was confused when she took her site down and I just now looked at her other site at and it looks like she is no longer a Christian and has gone back to doing healings, past life regression classes, classes on developing your psychic ability and orbs. Kind of sad. I’m sure there are many demonic attachments from her earlier life and it looks like they have hold of her again. Ill be praying for her. Just wanted to let you know so you didn’t think you were the reason she removed your interview with her.

    • Sorry my auto correct accidentally changed your name to Natalina. Not sure why. Maybe because I had just written someone with that name

  3. Actually sorry again…I thought I was commenting on someone else’s blog (not Natalina’s) but also not this one. I just started reading the rest of your articles and realized I was confused about what site I was on. And there’s no delete or edit button on your comments! What’s up with that? Lol. Anyways what I said was true though for what it’s worth. Great site by the way.

    • No apologies needed. I’ll message Nat about your comments. I agree that Patricia’s decisions and actions are distressing. She’s the classic illustration of seed landing on soil, shooting up quickly for all to see, but sprouting shallow roots, so when the sun hit it, it withered quickly. Having watched (and participated) in her early career in the supernatural Christian realm, I was alarmed and tried to speak into her some, but I don’t think it was received. To be frank, she needed to land in a church under the authority of a pastor, allowing her to mature, to work on that soil, so her roots could go deep, before entertaining the spotlight of the enemy.

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