Dark Matter and Unseen Forces

I’m about to embark on some posts examining the supernatural/paranormal nature of our universe, in an attempt to uncover how spirits interact with us and why some people can physically see them, and some can’t.

In the meantime, while not directly related to the subject of this site, I found this little article on Dark Matter, and I got a kick out this quote: “We live amidst unseen forces that influence the universe even as we are blind to their presence.”

No kidding.



  1. This going to be a great series if your past work is any indication. If you would be interested in discussing the topic in a radio show, shoot me an email. I host The Finer Point on the above website. The goal of my show is to discuss those things that help Christians mature and walk the walk. This topic seems to fit that bill.

    Father Bless,

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