Yo-Kai Watch – Spiritualism 101 for Pagans Part 8



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Next, the demon tells the boy that the boy is now trapped. He’s made a Faustian pact, and can never get rid of the little Ouija-Board-Forbidden-Technology.




The demon has the decency to tell the kid his life is to get a lot worse.




Many might think that these articles are alarmist, and that there is no harm whatsoever in allowing cartoons or video games to train children in spiritual things. It’s just a cartoon, right? There’s no harm whatsover, right?

Yeah. That’s what the person in this clip thought.

There are demons and other spirits everywhere. Don’t try to harness the power of a demon or a lesser god. That is called witchcraft and it ends up, like Whisper promises, ensnaring you. Even if you want to do good, if you try to harness demons or ghosts to try to do good, you’ll fail. Why?

Because they aren’t for you. Their agenda seeks to use you, and they’ll seduce you to further it.

They are not free agents. They are part of a spiritual hierarchy.  It’s likely that long ago, many powerful spirits called Watchers left the spirit realm and came to earth, giving humans forbidden occult technology, including the power to manipulate things in the spirit realm.  This led directly to the proliferation of evil across the world. It’s called the spirit of Babylon.

Eventually, other Watchers were given authority over various people-groups over the earth, and earth-bound spirits joined forces with these entities. They collectively formed the Domain of Darkness, which causes so much suffering and wickedness on this earth.

The good news is this. An Invader came to overthrow the Domain of Darkness, the Word of God incarnated, and you have the option of joining forces. He took on human flesh, wrestled with the forces of darkness and tricked them into killing him.

This allowed God to resurrect him, and eventually to send his own Spirit to live in us when we choose to believe in the reality of Jesus Christ. The incarnation, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, the pouring out of the Holy Spirit and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth is reflected in this graphic by the dove.

Kigndom conflict

We live in the era of the Kingdom Conflict: the war waged between those who want to live according to their own desires and those who want to live according to God’s desires.

You don’t need hidden occult technology to try to see, negotiate or confront demons.

Instead, you need to understand the nature of the Kingdom Conflict around us and understand something about the weapons of our warfare. In addition, you need to educate your children about this reality.

Do not let Disney or Nintendo or Walmart teach your children about the spirit world. Don’t even delegate it to your pastor. This is your responsibility.

Start replacing the demon magnets in your home like the Yo-Kai Watches with Bibles, and instead of delegating the education of your kids to the TV, pick up a book and read to them.

Does this spiritual conflict interest you? Well, check out Dr. Heiser’s Supernatural for a powerful and easy-to-read overview of it.