Yo-Kai Watch – Spiritualism 101 for Pagans Part 5


So, he needs a tool to see spirits: the Yo-Kai Watch! (Yes kids, you can have one too at the low-low price of…)




Just to make it clear, this is a piece of occult technology that enables the wearer to see spirits. No spiritual gifts needed. Just receive this tool from a demon, or a … Watcher.  The demon Whisper says he’s a “butler”, which after all is a servant demon who sits around and watches his master, until the master orders him to do something.




The purple spirit is the demon causing the fight between the parents. The boy uses his spirit-seeing technology like a flashlight and sees this thing.




Well, here’s some good theology, at least. Yes. Demons are bad. Oh, notice in the above picture that Whisper is using a tablet to read about this demon causing the fight. Notice the shape of the tablet. Could those be two horns on the top, and an image of fire on the back? What is conceived of having two horns, has all the information about demons you could want to know, and is associated with fire? … maybe… the DEVIL!




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