Peeranormal Episode on Bigfoot DNA

I’m happy to announce a brand new episode of Peeranormal, where we discuss Bigfoot DNA research and related implications.

The episode is available on iTunes and on the Peeranormal site. If you subscribe on iTunes, please leave us a nice review, as that helps the distribution.

Peeranormal is a podcast where we discuss peer-reviewed research into paranormal concepts.  In this fun and wide-ranging episode, we discussed the research into alleged Bigfoot DNA, our opinions about claims of Bigfoot (or Sasquatch or Yeti, etc.) sightings, the existence of Bigfoot, and potentially what Bigfoot is.

We also discussed this idea that Bigfoot is a modern nephilim and why so many people jump to that conclusions, the propensity to impose false narratives on disparate facts, and how scientists and scholars sometimes respond to the fringy topics, like Bigfoot DNA. We also discuss the Image of God concept, what it means, and why it applies to this topic… I certainly believe the Image of God concept applies to all of life, actually, including to seers and those of us who love them.

The participants include Doug “DVD” Van Dorn (author of Giants: Sons of the Gods) and Reformed Baptist pastor), Natalina (paranormal extraordinare), Trey (our producer), Brian Godawa (Hollywood screenwriter and author of the Chronicles of the Nephilim, and the in-process Apocalypse series of novels), and of course  Dr. Michael S. Heiser, Bible scholar and the inspiration behind Peeranormal. Oh… and me, from Seers See Ministries. 

I’d love to hear you opinions of this episode, although it doesn’t directly relate to the Seer gift.

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