Parenting a Child Who Can See Spirits

It can be challenging parenting a child who can see spirits. At first, you may not understand what it is your child is reacting to. Constant nightmares? Pointing to entities you can’t see? Talking to them? Cowering from the shadow people?

Or maybe you’re coming to this site, and you still don’t understand what it is you’re child is reacting to.

Welcome! Feel at home here. Start with the For Parents of Seers page for several posts about our journey, which I should add, we are still on.

ShieldWhen our seeing daughter was about 7 or 8, in Sunday School, the teacher had her students make a prayer shield about the things they wanted God to protect them from.

Our daughter made one that had something on it that no one else did.

It has been taped by her bed ever since. It’s a reminder. Yes, we pray with her; she knows how to pray on her own. When fear overwhelms her, she reads her bible. Probably we should be more diligent with spiritual disciplines, but generally her worldview is pretty solid, rooted in who Jesus is.

And yet, the world is swirling with dark spirits and some people can see them quite a lot of the time, and that can be a scary thing.

Jesus is My Shield

Having a reminder next to her bed about who is her shield is has been quite useful. Click on the picture for a better view of it.

Remember, this ability sometime runs in families. If a parent or a grandparent recalls the ability to see spirits when he or she was young, chances are good that one of the kids or grandchildren will.  Recall your experiences, and train the child about this gift. Train him or her to pray, to seek his or her identity in Jesus, and to combat fear with the love of God.

Perfect love casts out all fear. The opposite of fear is… not hate. It’s love. And the love of God is perfect love. This ability is a gift that God has released to help people combat the enemy spirits that spread darkness across the earth. But God is light, and where light shines, the darkness flees.



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