Introducing the Seers See Podcast

Well, here we go!  I’m launching the Seers See Podcast!

Podcasting is all the rage, right? And episode 1, I launch into a discussion about if God is good, then why does he take things away from us? Why does he allow bad things to happen? If we’re going to view the world like God sees it, I suppose we better see what God is like first, huh?

I would say I’m a much better writer than speaker, but in an effort to appeal to a wider audience – i.e., those who don’t like reading long articles (or at all, and you know who you are) – I’m going to attempt this.

The YouTube Channel is here.

You can subscribe or download on iTunes here.

The RSS Feed is here:

The Podcast is hosted over here, but I’ll post on this regular site all the new episodes.

In this introductory episode, I explain the purpose of the Seers See podcast and end up discussing the inaccurate view of God that derives from  building a theology around the verse that says, “The LORD giveth and the LORD taketh away.”

The purpose of the Seers See podcast is to see the world around us the way God sees it, and develop a worldview from that perspective from which to live. And to start things off, we need a clear picture of just who God is. This includes accepting the reality that some people see into the spirit realm, and will provide them a way to interpret what they see.



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