Inhabitants of the “Spirit World”

I just finished listening to the latest “Resurrection &  The Revolution” podcast, which featured an interview of a biblical scholar, Dr. Michael S. Heiser, who has influenced my thinking on matters we discuss on this site, and I sourced him on our reference page.

You can access it here.

They discussed “the divine council” in the Bible, or God’s “heavenly host.”  He discusses what the ancient Hebrews (the writers of the Old Testament) views on the inhabitants of the “spirit world” were.  We’ll jump into this topic more, in my efforts to provide a reasonable framework to explain how some people can see into the spirit world, and some cannot.

I know I have non-Christians who read these pages, so keep in mind, this show is from a Christian perspective. Some people may wonder why I care what people who lived thousands of years ago believed about the spirit world, and why trust The Bible? To see why I care what Ancient Hebrews thought, go here. 


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