Holy Week: Betraying the Forgiver


This week, we at Seers See are reflecting on the most supernatural week in history. One of the most startling events in the week leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection was the betrayal by one of his closest friends and trusted confidant. Traditionally, Judas Iscariot is remembered to have agreed with the Temple priests to betray Jesus on the Wednesday before Easter.

We’ve all felt the sting of betrayal by ones we trusted and loved. Maybe we’ve been on the flip side, and were the one betraying a close loved one. Personally, I’ve been on both sides of the equation.

For Jesus, who was The Innocent Blood, the betrayal was expected, even predicted, but no less stinging, especially since it came from his closest friend.

Judas never recovered from the horror of his actions and committed suicide. But I’m not talking about Judas.

Please read the post I wrote last year on Jesus’ startling declaration at the moment of his betrayal regarding the Army of Angels at his disposal.

Then on Resurrection Sunday, I’ll talk more about Forgiving the Betrayer, followed by a discussion about the most supernatural event of all time.


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