Blogs, Sites and Teachings I Recommend

I read widely many views, perspectives, and opinions. My goal is to pursue Jesus and understand and impact the world through a Kingdom of God perspective with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Instruction in the Supernatural Christian Worldview

1985 Signs and Wonders Conference
Ep 1: Wimber’s Personal Pilgramage

Ep 2: Power Evangelism, Part 1

Ep 3: Power Evangelism, Kingdom of God Part 1

Ep 4: Kingdom of God, Part 2, Worldview Part 1

Ep 5: Worldview Parts 2 and 3

Ep 6: Spiritual Gifts, Parts 1 & 2

Ep 7: Spiritual Gifts, Part 3. Signs and Wonders, Part 1

Ep 8: Signs and Wonders, Part 2

Ep 9: Case Histories

Ep 10: Case Histories Part 3

Ep 11: Categories of Healing

Ep 12: Categories of Healing & What the Holy Spirit is Saying to
the Church Today

Blogs I Visit

I don’t agree or intend to defend everything on every blog or site linked below. Just because I read from a website with a particular end-times perspective does not mean I agree with it.  However, I think being well read in a wide variety of perspectives and being able to critically think about them.

Many people I respect have written or spoken critically about some of the teachers I would defend. I would suggest that my critical friends are not thinking clearly on these specific issues. It’s not up to
me to correct all errant thinking because I no doubt have some as well. It’s contingent on me to rather to love as my friends are on their own journeys with Jesus.

Books To Read

To help gain a supernatural worldview based on the Kingdom of God and filled with the Holy Spirit, I suggest these books.

  • Presence of the Future, George Ladd
  • Kingdom of God, George Ladd (less scholarly than Presence of the Future)
  • The Culture Industry, Theodor Adorno. Discussions about how our society is shaped by mass media and pop culture.
  • The Stars Down to Earth, Theodor Adorno. Discussions about how free will is negated by reading horoscopes and other tools of mass media.
  • Kingdom Triangle, J.P. Moreland
  • Power Evangelism, John Wimber
  • Creation and the Persistence of Evil, Levenson
  • The Lost World of Genesis One, John Walton
  • Supernatural, by Mike Heiser
  • The Nearly Perfect Crime, by Francis MacNutt. How the church nearly killed the ministry of healing.
  • Unseen Realm, by Dr. Michael Heiser
  • Inventing the People, Edward S. Morgan. Discussions about the myths the United States was founded on.
  • Reason in the Balance Phillip Johnson
  • Mystically Wired, Ken Wilson
  • Essential Guide to Healing, Johnson and Clark
  • Forbidden Gates, Tom Horn
  • Entertaining Angels: Engaging the Unseen Realm, Randy Clark
  • Learning to pray, Alexander Venter