Blogs, Sites and Teachings I Recommend

I read widely many views, perspectives, and opinions. My goal is to pursue Jesus and understand and impact the world through a Kingdom of God perspective with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Instruction in the Supernatural Christian Worldview

1985 Signs and Wonders Conference
Ep 1: Wimber’s Personal Pilgramage

Ep 2: Power Evangelism, Part 1

Ep 3: Power Evangelism, Kingdom of God Part 1

Ep 4: Kingdom of God, Part 2, Worldview Part 1

Ep 5: Worldview Parts 2 and 3

Ep 6: Spiritual Gifts, Parts 1 & 2

Ep 7: Spiritual Gifts, Part 3. Signs and Wonders, Part 1

Ep 8: Signs and Wonders, Part 2

Ep 9: Case Histories

Ep 10: Case Histories Part 3

Ep 11: Categories of Healing

Ep 12: Categories of Healing & What the Holy Spirit is Saying to
the Church Today

Blogs I Visit

I don’t agree or intend to defend everything on every blog or site linked below. Just because I read from a website with a particular end-times perspective does not mean I agree with it.  However, I think being well read in a wide variety of perspectives and being able to critically think about them.

Many people I respect have written or spoken critically about some of the teachers I would defend. I would suggest that my critical friends are not thinking clearly on these specific issues. It’s not up to
me to correct all errant thinking because I no doubt have some as well. It’s contingent on me to rather to love as my friends are on their own journeys with Jesus.

Books To Read

To help gain a supernatural worldview based on the Kingdom of God and filled with the Holy Spirit, I suggest these books.

  • Dawkins, Robby, Do What Jesus Did

    Heiser, Mike, Unseen Realm

    Heiser, Mike, Supernatural

    Johnson, Bill and Randy Clark, Essential Guide to Healing

    Ladd, George Eldon, Kingdom of God,

    Ladd, George Eldon, Presence of the Future,

    Ladd, George Eldon, The Culture Industry

    Levenson, Jon Creation and the Persistence of Evil

    Lowney, Chris, Heroic Leadership

    MacNutt, Francis, Deliverance from Evil Spirits

    MacNutt, Francis, The Nearly Perfect Crime: How the Church Nearly Killed the Ministry of Healing

    Moreland, J.P., Kingdom Triangle, J.P. Moreland

    Wimber, John, Power Evangelism

    Walton, Jon, The Lost World of Genesis One