“Who is that?”

Last night at youth group, a student came up to me during worship time (when we had music playing and were worshiping God as a group). I was in the back, behind the dozen students and leaders.  Her eyes were wide open. “Who is that?” she asked. I said, “Who?” She said, “The woman in the bright sun dress.” I’m…

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Seers and Spiritual Assignments – What Spirits Look Like

I spoke with a young, teenaged seer last week.  She made some interesting statements, which I’m trying to work out. Another teenager introduced me to this girl for the first time. She said, “She needs to tell you something.” The young woman said that this would sound crazy.

Not by sight

A seer sent me this picture yesterday with the text, “…the last line kinda made me laugh a bit.” She added, “When I first read it I started laughing and my friend asked what was so funny and I showed her and it tooker a moment but she started laughing too.”  It’s good to have friends who understand the seeing…

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Seeing angels visit youth group

This week, midweek evening youth group services started up for a church plant that my family is a part of. We had several teens there.  An interesting thing happened during the evening… someone reported seeing angels in the room.

A Review of Paranormal Witness

I’m watching an episode of Paranormal Witness on the SyFy channel. It’s about a haunted theater in Salt Lake City. Several people, including law enforcement officers, are terrorized by multiple demonic manifestations in 2006. The reenactments are well done, if poorly acted. At one gotcha moment, I jumped.

“I see multi-colored dots.”

For a long while, our daughter has told us she sees rainbow-colored dots floating around, all the time, everywhere.  We thought they were spirits, but they didn’t act like spirits. They didn’t react to us or to prayer; they just seemed to float around. I believed they were artifacts floating on her retina. You know, those squiggly little things that…

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“I am a seer” – A Teenage Seer Testimony

Editor’s note: This teenage seer testimony came from a student who is now in college. I don’t remember how old I was when I first started seeing, but I do remember being completely terrified. At first I thought that the things I was seeing were completely normal. I truly believed that everyone else saw them too. I soon began to realize…

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A Child Seer Encounters a Spirit

Here is an account of our child seer that we recorded January 20, 2011, when our then 6-year-old-daughter had an encounter with a spirit entity, in her words. “I was walking in to Grandma’s and I turned around and saw a guy reaching for me. He had a pointy nose and an Abraham Lincoln type hat. His clothes were all…

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Seers can help drive away demons and other spirits.

Because of their seer gift, seers can help in many scary situations. My wife became aware that our daughter could see things that we couldn’t see when she was very young, before her 2nd birthday. I had other doubts, but obviously something in the room would often terrify her.  It had to be an unseen entity, the most vivacious imagination,…

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