An Interview with a Seer

I recently had an interview with a seer about his seeing gift.  On Sunday, I spent time talking and praying with an adult seer about the history of his gift and how he learned nothing was actually wrong with him.  His name is Gerry. Gerry wasn’t oppressed by a demon. He wasn’t possessed.  He wasn’t cursed.   He has an ability…

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Reverb: Talking with Seers at a Youth Retreat

This last weekend, I attended a youth retreat, called Reverb 2014, in the Midwest (of the United States) where I spent some time talking with seers. About 300 teens and adult leaders attended. This is the same event I attended last year (referred to here and here). This year, I hosted 2 1-hour workshops on the Spirit World: Having Eyes to…

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The Toddler

One day, when my daughter was 8, she was playing outside by herself, and I was in the house watching TV. She came dashing in, frantic. “Dad! There’s a baby  walking down the street!” I sat straight up. “What?