“Who is that?”

Last night at youth group, a student came up to me during worship time (when we had music playing and were worshiping God as a group). I was in the back, behind the dozen students and leaders.  Her eyes were wide open. “Who is that?” she asked. I said, “Who?” She said, “The woman in the bright sun dress.” I’m…

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Infants and Seeing Angels

My wife and I noticed something interesting from our infant daughter yesterday at church.  She is 9 months old. Normally, during church services, she is in the nursery. Yesterday, because she fell asleep, my wife brought her into the auditorium.  She woke up. My wife had her cradled in her arms.  She looked at me and smiled (always a heart…

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Not by sight

A seer sent me this picture yesterday with the text, “…the last line kinda made me laugh a bit.” She added, “When I first read it I started laughing and my friend asked what was so funny and I showed her and it tooker a moment but she started laughing too.”  It’s good to have friends who understand the seeing…

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Seeing angels visit youth group

This week, midweek evening youth group services started up for a church plant that my family is a part of. We had several teens there.  An interesting thing happened during the evening… someone reported seeing angels in the room.

“I see multi-colored dots.”

For a long while, our daughter has told us she sees rainbow-colored dots floating around, all the time, everywhere.  We thought they were spirits, but they didn’t act like spirits. They didn’t react to us or to prayer; they just seemed to float around. I believed they were artifacts floating on her retina. You know, those squiggly little things that…

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Seers see demons. But what are demons?

Can seers see demons? This question comes up a lot. Yes!  It is likely that seers see demons, and they see them a lot. A teenager in my ministry sees spirits all the time and she is certain many are demons.  My daughter says she sees spirits all the time and often they are demons.  I do not believe, however,…

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“I think I see spirits.”

Have you every thought, “I think I see spirits?” Do you see things that no one else sees? Do you see figures that hover, or perhaps follow others? Perhaps you see little animal-like creatures or shadows or lights, and no one else sees them? Perhaps you see images that look like a TV screen or a window with lights behind…

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