Additional Thoughts on the VFTB Interview Parenting in the Land of Moloch

Derek Gilbert interviewed me on The View From the Bunker (VFTB) about an article I wrote for Skywatch TV magazine. For links to the interview and the article, click here. And be sure to subscribe to VFTB. The next interview is with Dr. Michael Heiser regarding The Unseen Realm, which I gushed over in a previous post. Revelatory Discussion I always enjoy talking…

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So…what are spirits?

I’ve had this blog/website for more than three years, and I’ve finally written content for the previously-vacant “What are spirits” page. It’s the rough draft of chapter for a short book on spiritual house cleansing, and needs some edits and revisions, plus the sources need cleaned up. But many people have written me and asked for some content there. Not sure…

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Parenting and Spiritual Warfare

The more I research into and develop a worldview that makes sense of people who can see spirits, the more I am learning that this topic is related to parenting and spiritual warfare. In fact, developing a supernatural worldview entails understanding that parenting is spiritual warfare… and parents can either conduct warfare that protects their children… or leave them vulnerable….

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Help! Why am I a seer?

I often hear from people who ask “Why am I a seer? What was God thinking?” I’ve met many seers who just want to sit alone in a corner, hiding their eyes, lest they see the unseen carnage around us. Recently, I received an email from a young seer: How am I supposed to live for the rest of my…

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Book Review: The Unseen Realm by Dr. Michael Heiser

I received a copy of Dr. Michael Heiser’s The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible.  It will be released on September 1 and I highly recommend it and the companion book that will be released in December. Dr. Heiser provides an ancient understanding to the supernatural world of the Bible and lays the foundation for understanding the now/not…

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Wall Street Journal Reports on Ghostly Photography

Last weekend’s Wall Street Journal contained an article on “Ghostly Photography” or “Spectral Art.” This is the idea that, although unseen by the naked eye, cameras have captured images of ghosts or other spirits (and yes, there are many different kinds of spirits). The digital article is behind a subscriber wall, but I snapped an image of the hard copy…

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A Theory about Multi-Colored Dots Visions

Some time ago, I spoke with my daughter a little about these multi-colored dots she sees all the time.  Consistently, one of the most commonly visited pages on this site is the rainbow-colored dots page. Lots of people see these things all the time, and many aren’t aware that the rest of us aren’t seeing them. A visitor to the colored…

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Walt Whitman’s Poem on Seers

Eidolons: A Poem on Seers I’ve taken to reading poetry lately and was surprised to come across a poem on seers.  When I began this season of reading and contemplating poetry, being an American, I thought I’d start with Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, published in 1855. I came across “Eidolons” a few weeks ago and was struck by the opening refrain,…

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Contributor to Skywatch Magazine

I was humbled and honored to be invited to contribute to Skywatch Magazine, a free resource that is part of SkyWatch TV’s family of ministries. You can read the first article, “Parenting as Spiritual Warfare Part 1” here.