Where is Your Decapolis?

Where is Your Decapolis?

Where is Your Decapolis
Amy offered a lesson entitled, “Where is Your Decapolis?” during a teaching class at The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois on 7-28-2014.

The students, including one distance-learner in Mexico, are learning how to most effectively put together a “teaching” lesson and present it. The assignment was to craft a message from any scripture in the Book of Mark. Amy’s message did go a bit long with respect to the assigned 40 minute parameter, but it was just so compelling, I wanted to present it.

I cropped out 5 min of discussion time and the ending song, during which people reflected on questions in the worksheet. The handout is here, and includes the scripture and worksheet.

“Amy Overmyer’s ‘What is Your Decapolis?'” Released: 2014.


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